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I am Bo She Awu, a self-proclaimed geek who is passionate about web development and all things software.

Please note: because of the Exchange project I can’t do new gigs.

Born during the technological and software boom of the 1990s into a large Chinese family in metropolitan China, I grew up tinkering with my father’s laptop. His laptop and our family’s PC were my best friends, and it was from those two that I first learnt the beautiful language of software.

My family moved to the USA in my preteen years and I discovered a new horizon of web development possibilities. In school, I naturally gravitated towards the computer guys, and together, we self-taught ourselves skills such as Php, Mysql, Java, and the most common frameworks (Zend, Yii).

We spent the evenings in my garage or one of the other guy’s garage coding and learning new skills. I have come a long way from the little boy who taught himself from his father’s laptop.

I have pursued my passion and gotten formally educated. I now hold certifications in JQuery, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, E-Commerce, Web User Interface Design and cross-browser compatibility. I am also proficient in Security Principles, Object-Oriented Design, Web Services (REST/SOAP), Multimedia Content Development and APIs.

Awu Dev

Today, I design, code and modify websites for many satisfied clients (small and medium-sized business), from the layout to function levels.

My job is to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.

I am a lover of nature and often take long walks to get a break from the detritus of everyday life. In my spare time, I fish, read silly novels, and put my feet up once in a while with a good movie. I love Chinese history and visit China and extended family on holidays.

Partner reviews

By Awu you get what you need: precise and fast website with WORKING code. He is a powerful developer! (Laura)

I have been working with Awu for such a long time. With his coding skills I can save dozens of time for my clients and my marketing. Previously, I had to spend at least more weeks to build well working web applications. Now, I can arrange all the hard work for him. (Arold, London Web Design ©)

When I am working with Awu, my personal favorite is the fully customizable UX webdesign. For my leads, I can send a colored PDF with the plans. And of course, they hire me! (Beatrice, Easy CMS)